Dearest Fans, many mummies have asked me what is the difference between the Benbat Travel Pillow and Snuggin Go ?

Benbat Travel Pillow is compact and on the go.. is a travel pillow that is specially design to meet the growth development of our precious as they grows. Is a pillow for the kids to rest their head on the pillow when they rest n sleep while they are on the go BUT their head would still sway n move around with a Benbat Travel Pillow.

On the Whole, Snuggin Go from USA provides a better support and comfort level! Is the BEST I have found so far!!

The Snuggin Go® helps your baby sit in the proper position in her car seat, stroller, high chair etc. With Snuggin Go, it is guarantee that it would positions the baby's head and body to prevent head slumping: improving safety, comfort, & breathing!

Proper head & body support can DEFINITELY be achieve with Snuggin Go and that is critical for infants as it reduces acid reflux, minimizes flat spots (plagiocephaly), prevents babies from favoring one side (torticollis), improves breathing & much more!

However Snuggin Go is not so compact and on the go in a way that is the differences hope it clear ur doubts!