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What is the anti-toppling feature on the TL1000? How does it work?

This is a safety feature found on the base of the TL1000. It cuts off the electricity to the lamp when the lamp is not placed flat on the surface or when it is lying horizontally on the table. This prevents the possibility of electricity shock as there will be no electricity in the circuit.

Is 3M™ Polarizing Lights flicker free?

Yes, all models of 3M™ Polarizing Light are flicker free. They are operating at 50-60Hz per second, which is the optimal range for our eyes.

What does the 50% Brighter icon mean? Does it apply to all models?

The 50% Brighter icon illustrates the benefit of using the 3M patented DESR reflector. It comes about due to the reflective plate found in the head of the lamp, which reflects more light onto the filter and thus onto the reading surface. Therefore, brightness is enhanced by up to 50% as compared to a lamp without the DESR reflector.

This feature is applicable to models CL1000 and TL1000 only.

Does 3M™ Polarizing Lights require any set up?


All models of 3M™ Polarizing Light require only a simple screwing in of the screw to assemble together.

Where are the 3M™ Polarizing Lights made in?

Currently, all the lamps in the market are assembled in Taiwan. The filter comes from USA.

How many different table lamps does 3M™ Polarizing Light have to offer?

3M currently has 3 types of table lamps in the market - models CL1000, CL2000 and TL1000. They all come with the 3M™ Polarizing Light Filter. The main differences among the models are in the physical features such as base, ability to be secured onto surfaces and location of switches.


Are there floor lamp models?


Yes. The FL1000 model is a floor standing lamp.

Are the light bulbs in 3M™ Polarizing Light special 3M™ light bulbs?

No, 3M does not produce or sell light bulbs. All light bulbs are generic ones with energy saving features.

Does 3M™ Polarizing Light save energy?

Yes. All models come with energy saving light bulbs.




What is the difference between 3M™ Polarizing Light and other brands of lamps?

All models of 3M™ Polarizing Light come with 3M patented Polarizing Light Filter, which other brands do not have. It does 3 things:

1.  Blocks light that produces a lot of reflection from hurting eyes.

2.  Provide even spread of light on reading material/work surfaces to make reading more comfortable.

3.  Blocks UV rays from harming skin and eyes.

Does the 3M™ Polarizing Light come with any warranty? How long?

Yes. All models of 3M™ Polarizing Light come with 1 year 3 months local warranty for the lamp unit. The 3M™ Polarizing Light Filter featured in the lamp has a lifetime warranty. However, both warranties are only valid within Singapore.

Can the 3M™ Polarizing Light be battery operated?

No. Current models of 3M™ Polarizing Light cannot be battery operated.

Where can I find the light bulbs for my 3M™ Polarizing Light?

All light bulbs featured in 3M™ Polarizing Light are generic light bulbs that can be purchased from major retailers that carry light bulbs, such as DIY stores and electrical product retailers.






What is the differences between JCG300P/JCG500P, SK3000 N B3000 FOOD JAR?

They are all food jars that are invented by Thermos.

B3000 is the only Thermos Food jar under the Thermos Foogo series that is BPA FREE! The remaining food jars are not BPA Free.

JCG500P and SK3000 hold the same capacity (Volume: 16 oz  ) . They are bigger in capacity when compared to B3000 ( Volume: 10 oz  ).

SK3000 is new product launched only in Year 2010. There is a foldable spoon accompanied in the food jar. The cover of the jar can be used as a bowl for your precious.


What is so great about the Thermos FOOGO products series?

Read about Thermos FOOGO Products!

Thermos® Foogo® Products Use Child-Friendly Materials

Long considered a trusted partner by parents in providing healthy food and drink options for kids, Thermos has brought its superior insulation technology to a new line of children’s products for ages six months and older. In addition to providing added protection from spoilage and foodborne illnesses, Thermos also offers parents extra peace of mind in knowing that Foogo® products use all FDA approved materials and do not use plastics containing Bisphenol A (BPA).

Thermos Foogo Materials

•The vacuum-insulated stainless steel interior and exterior is non-reactive to all food and beverages

•The soft drinking spout is made from “food contact safe” Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

•The valve plate and lid are made from polypropylene (PP#5)

•All materials are FDA approved

•All plastics used for Thermos Foogo products are BPA free


Can you put hot and cold drinks into all Thermos thermal flasks?

A little trick to share through experience:

Mummies and Daddies, actually the trick for all thermos product is if you intend to put hot drink in it, you should forever use it solely for hot drink only and vice versa..

If you put hot and cold beverages interchangeably,  it would spoilt the insulation in the flask. Soon, the thermos flask would not be able to retain heat anymore...

The best suggestion Niche Babies love to share with you is that have 2 flask at any time: 1 for hot drink and the other for chill drink!:)


How do I know if my straw bottle belongs to the B2000 series or the new B2010 series?


Look at the Serial no at the bottom of the bottle. The serial no is written there.

Alternatively, the easiest method to differentiate is:

If the button to open the cover lid for the straw bottle is ROUND it would be B2010 straw bottle ( V2 ).

If the button to open the cover lid for the straw bottle is RECTANGULAR – LONG THIN PUSH BUTTON, it belongs to the older version ( V1 ) of straw bottle produced by Thermos i.e. B2000 straw bottle.


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