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Email Order


Browse through our E-boutique, email us the Model No of the item(s) you wish to purchase.


Pls email your order(s) in full details stating :

Model/ Serial No

Colour ( if any )


to email address:


Nichebabies seek to reply all emails received within 48 hours unless due to unforeseen circumstances.









Online Order


Browse through our E-boutique to select your item(s)  


Simply add your item(s) (color and size where applicable) into the cart by clicking "Add to cart" button  


When you have selected all your items, click on the "Cart" button on the right. This would bring you to view a summary of your shopping cart.  


Check to ensure that all item(s) (color and size where applicable) are listed correctly.


    **  Add vouchers or promo code if you are entitled to any. Enter 1 voucher/ promo code at a time and click Add accordingly. **


    Click on next to direct to the next page. Register as a Nichebabies member if you have not done so. All fields with a asterisk * must be entered.  


    If you are already a Nichebabies member, log in using your email address and password.  


    Check through all the details to ensure they are correctly entered i.e. Your delivery address, your billing address.  


    Click on next to bring you to the next page. Under Terms of service, Check the box to indicate that you agree with the terms of service.  


    A list of delivery option that you are eligible for selection would be shown.


    Choose your preferred delivery method accordingly. 


    An invoice would be created. Click on the attached invoice to view the details.  


    Last but not least, confirm your order by clicking on “I confirm my order” button.  


    An email would be send to your registered email address detailing your orders and our bank account details for your transfer.


      **Please remember to reply back to using the Same email we have sent to you subject "Awaiting bank wire payment" to inform us once payment has been made for your items.


      **In your email, pls indicate the below required information.

                   ##  Pls indicate if payment has been made to our DBS or UOB A/c.

                   ##  Pls advise if payment has been made by ATM or IBs .

                   ##  Pls advise payment details/ ref of your banking transaction.



      THANK YOU!

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