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Neat Solutions Table Topper ( 20 PIECES )



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Neat Solutions Table Topper® - Disposable, Stick-in-place Placemats
**  A Little Sheet of Neat
**  Protects Children from Germs on Restaurant Table Tops
**  A sanitary eating surface that sticks securely in place, (Think of it as a clean table...that fits in your diaper bag.)
**  On-the-Go protection from germs, dirt & cleaning chemicals on restaurant and food court tables. (It is kind of like a disposable security blanket.)
**  Fun and engaging designs that keep your child occupied. (So you can enjoy your meal, too!)
**  BPA-Free, PVC-Free, phthalate-Free

It doesn't make sense! We sterilize our baby's bottle for the first six months of their life, and then we take them to restaurants only to eat finger foods right off of a dirty table. Why? Because babies love to throw their plates and paper placemats to the floor.

What is really on those restaurant tables?
News reports document the presence of germs and bacteria on countertop surfaces. And those white rags are used over and over, and actually spread germs from table to table!

Look for our new ECO-FRIENDLY Table Topper®!

We've taken care of the NEAT now go out and eat!

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Neat Solutions Table Topper ( 20 PIECES )

Neat Solutions Table Topper ( 20 PIECES )

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