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EeziMed Dummy


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Introducing Eezimed Dummy - The EASY Way to give medicine to your baby!

What is EeziMed?

The EeziMed dummy is a new and unique way of giving medicine to your baby. We love that it is the easiest way to give medicine to even the most fussy baby.

EeziMed offers a safe and easy way of administering doses of medicine (up to 5ml).

EeziMed combines a dummy with a unique patented syringe. It also features a small channel inside the teat which allows the medicine to be given passively through sucking or actively by slowly depressing the plunger to ease the medicine into the back of your baby's mouth. This makes it difficult for your baby to spit the medicine out while the dummy is in his or her mouth. The snap fit locks the plunger in place once the
medicine is fully expelled from the syringe.

EeziMed has been used successfully by babies that do and do not use regular dummies.

EeziMed is safe and is manufactured under ISO 9001 conditions. EeziMed has an orthodontic silicone

EeziMed is internationally patented, CE and FDA approved.

EeziMed is easy to use!

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EeziMed Dummy

EeziMed Dummy

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