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360do Bristle Toothbrush - Kids

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Introducing Cylindrical Toothbrush"Tampopo 360do BRUSH!

The New Revolution from JAPAN!!
Introducing 360 Degree Bristle Toothbrush - MADE IN JAPAN!
++++ TOP SELLING Tooth Brush in Japan! ++++

Available in
Adult Compact Head : Green, Blue, Pink n Orange
Baby (0-3 years old)
Kids (3-12 years old) : Green, Blue, Pink n Orange


How use TAMPOPO?

TAMPOPO is very easy to use.

You can just turn it slowly on your tongue and between your teeth. It can easily turn 360 degree.

Advantages of TAMPOPO 360 Degree Bristle Toothbrush:

*Conventional toothbrushes has 700 to 1000 bristle while TAMPOPO toothbrush has more than 21’000 bristle (twenty to thirty times the count of conventional toothbrushes)

*Variety bristles that is more effective at removing plaque

*At only 0.09 mm, the toothbrush bristles are less than half the diameter of a conventional toothbrush, at around 0.2 mm in diameter.

*It has high density of brush

*Easy to use as a high spec tongue cleaner and no need to use special training or technique

*Cylinder head, back and front teeth fit into recesses of the back teeth

*Handle material is flexible, robust quality, and easy-grip handle unique and universal design

*Fine cylindrical brush

*Plaque removal in dense brush

*Soft gentle bristles

*No need to open your mouth too wide

*Getting a total fresh and cleanest feeling

*High effectiveness as a tongue cleaner

*Easier brushing at front teeth tongue side

*Suitable for sensitive tooth and gun

*Helps to produce more saliva

*Helps to remove nasty hidden foods in your tongue and between your teeth

*Ability turns to 360°

*In addition to superior plaque-removing power, the Tampopo's cylindrical form fits to the shape of the back side of the front teeth as well as the concave contour of the molars

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360do Bristle Toothbrush - Kids

360do Bristle Toothbrush - Kids

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