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IDEAL FOR: New Moms after Natural or C-Section & Post Abdominal Surgery,



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The Only 2 in 1 Band

#1 Care Essential for New Moms.
Postpartum Wrap-Hip Shaper-Back Support
IDEAL FOR: New Moms after Natural or C-Section & Post Abdominal Surgery.

Internal Pouch for Cold/Warm Compress. Use a compress to help sooth, increase circulations and reduce cramps. Even stronger Elastic Band for more support.

Get Back with just 1 wrap! Only 2 Sizes:
XS-M (26"-34")-expands to 38"
L-XL (33-42")-expands to 48"


Scientifically proven to have 360 degree even compression, 2 times compression as other wraps, and 2 times velcro strength.


Features and Functions:
360 degree even compression, Fully Adjustable
Anion Technology for better circulation, Cinch Tension Control, 2 wraps in 1, Internal Pouch, Power Mesh™, Safety Knet, Rolls Control™, and Cinch Tension Control.

60 % Nylon, 32 % Polyester, 8% Spandex & Anion Technology

Color: Cool Grey


Disclaimer: Please consult your physician before using. No representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, are made for this product. Results may vary. Cinch is considered an undergarment; therefore, it is not refundable.



Why Cinch is So Special - Blending the Art of Science & Design

The Cinch is especially crafted to motivate new moms to get back to their healthy shapes with a single wrap. The Cinch Tummy Wrap focuses on the stomach with its function and added support of the double wings. With the inner measuring feature, new moms are uplifted by seeing their progress and results. The sophisticated design offers new moms a luxurious feel and new confidence. This concept of blending beauty of the arts with scientific functions heighten Cinch’s originality: Support • Enhance • Tone


The only adjustable Tummy Wrap that truly focuses on the tummy by tightening all the abdominal muscles with the dual front panels and further cinching with double side wings. A recent U.S. scientific study reveals that The Cinch is proven to provide an even 360 degree compression around the waist, verses the uneven compression of other rectangular wraps on the market.

The Cinch Tension Control The Cinch performs like two wraps in one. The first one is when size your current waist line with the front measuring device and zip up. The second wrap is the pair of elastic wings that you adjust the tension when you Velcro the wings to your back.


It does not itch! It can be worn day or night (work, play, relax & exercise). With state-of-the-art material, the elastic wings will not lose their stretch over time or through multiple uses. Our high performance Velcro will not stick or cause damage to your clothes. The inner front pocket allows for cold/warm or aromatic pack for relaxation and promotes faster recovery ( Optional ).

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Cinch Signature

Cinch Signature

IDEAL FOR: New Moms after Natural or C-Section & Post Abdominal Surgery,

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