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Parklon Animal A-Z (Size M15)



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Learning alphabets through fun animal names with interesting illustrations!

Revise side plain pattern is suitable for all ages and all occasions. It also makes small toy pieces more visible.


Size: 1900 x 1300 x 15mm  ( Size M )

Material: eco friendly soft PVC (non toxic).

Weight: ~6.5kg


Bumper Playmat is a great product that many parents across the country now swears by. It provides cushioning and padding for your child's play area and greatly reduces the likelihood and severity of injuries due falling. Create a safe and ideal place for babies learning to sit up, crawl or simply to lay down. The surface is soft yet firm so it is equally good for little feet that are just learning to walk and for active toddlers who can use it as a gym mat.


The colourful reversible printed surface is made of heavy-duty, non-slip, non-toxic, non-phthalate soft PVC material that will easily last for years.  It can also be easily cleaned with a damp sponge/cloth and soap.


All bumper playmat have passed the strict chemical stability tests of the world's most prestigious certification organisation (SGS).

SGS - Societe Generate de Surveilance. SGS, with its head office in Geneva (Switzerland), is a surveillance organization that mainly administers the operation of testing, certification and inspection.

Reversible - image showing front and back


Note: Due to material property that is slightly strechable, please allow a 3% tolerance in size.

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Parklon Animal A-Z (Size M15)

Parklon Animal A-Z (Size M15)

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