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Edison Preschool Training Chopsticks (PORORO)



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Edison Preschool Training Chopsticks 

Beginner chopsticks for kids from 3 years and up.

Available for right handed users for Pororo, Petty & Crong.
( **For left handed users, only Pororo the little Penguin is available as Left Handed set. )

Great choice to practice fine motor skills for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

These kids training chopsticks are designed for preschool beginners around the ages of 3 - 5 years. The recommended age on these chopsticks is listed at 3+ due to the small parts, such as the finger rings. However, 2 year olds have been known to succesfully use these training chopsticks under close supervision.

The kids training chopsticks have a thumb ring and two other rings to guide the index and middle fingers into the correct positions. The tips of the chopsticks are flat and embossed to assist in picking up food.

Training chopsticks are a great alternative to using kids cutlery. The children have a lot of fun and it's novelty to try new foods using their newly acquired skills of using chopsticks!

**  Great For Kids!
**  Improves Fine Motor Skills!
**  Improves Concentration!
**  Easy to Learn!
**  Fun to Use!

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Edison Preschool Training Chopsticks (PORORO)

Edison Preschool Training Chopsticks (PORORO)

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