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Introducing The MULTI-AWARD WINNING MonkeySwimmers - DESIGN n MADE IN UK!

** The SAFEST & MOST COMFORTABLE Swimming Armbands EVER! **
** The World's SLIMMEST ADJUSTABLE Flotation Device (Armbands)! **

PERFECT for parents with children aged 1-6 looking to take their little monkeys swimming which will build their confidence in the water while having fun.

For Ages 1-6
Exceed British, European and Australian Safety Standards
Swim Starter Kit includes swimbag, book, chart and armbands
Designed and Manufactured in the UK



MonkeySwimmers are super-soft adjustable swimming armbands.

Firstly, the inner design adjusts securely and comfortably to any child's arm aged 1-6 years.

Secondly the super slim layered design means that kids can move their arms more freely in the water. This unique design enables the parent to reduce the buoyancy as the child gains more confidence in the water.

What a great way to prepare your child for swimming lessons.


MonkeySwimmers are supplied as a complete swimming starter kit for kids.

These award winning armbands come with the brilliantly illustrated children's book 'Monkeys Can't Swim', which tells the story about two little monkeys who live in the rainforest and cannot swim. The story will explain to your child exactly how MonkeySwimmers are going to help them to learn to swim.

In addition the story book contains a personal progress chart and some great little games and facts about the rainforest and environment. All supplied in a brightly coloured branded swim bag, meaning virtually no packaging going onto landfill


MonkeySwimmers are safety tested by the top testing houses in the UK Monkeys Inc use an internationally recognised & world renowned test house.

You wouldn’t think it would be possible to pack so many safety features and so much Innovation into a pair of kids swimming armbands but after many years of designing, developing and testing we’ve done it!

Compared with traditional Inflatable armbands or swim discs, MonkeySwimmers offer a higher level of safety and comfort for children and much better value for parents. But don’t take our word for it, have a look at the reviews & testimonials from parents and judge for yourself!

In addition to buoyancy and safety testing, MonkeySwimmers have undergone rigorous toxicity testing to EN71-3 standards in accredited laboratories


The whole idea behind the MonkeySwimmers is to offer a swim system that will help parents to engage their children in developing water confidence in a fun and friendly way.

Before the child even dips a little toe in the water he or she will be motivated by the brilliantly illustrated story about two monkeys learning to swim in the rainforest.
As the child’s confidence increases the parent can begin to reduce the buoyancy.
This progress is recorded on a personal progress chart. Once the little monkey has progressed through the progress chart they will be able stay afloat independently.
Now it’s time for swimming lessons, and because the child will need fewer lessons the parent can save a lot more money than they spent on these MonkeySwimmers


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