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LactoGG - MADE IN USA ( A Box of 30 Capsules )

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Introducing LactoGG - MADE IN USA! ( A Box of 30 Capsules )

Supplement Facts:
Babies n Children: 1/2 or capsule daily
( Capsule to be taken apart n the contents placed directly into the child's mouth or added to room temperature milk or food)
Adult: 1 capsule daily


What is LactoGG??

LactoGG the world’s most-researched, premier probiotic strain with nearly 700 scientific papers and nearly 200 clinical trials supporting its claims to its health benefits.

LactoGG is a probiotic. It is a special, unique good bacterium, which has been proven to promote health in the human being.

The scientific name for LactoGG's probiotic strain is Lactobacillus rhamnosus strain GG (ATCC53103) or " Lactobacillus GG" for short. LactoGG is the original, specific probiotic strain isolated by two Boston scientists , Prof. Sherwood L. Gorbach and Dr. Barry Goldin, in 1985, from the intestinal tract of a healthy human subject. Its ''GG'' identity is named after its two discovers.

LactoGG is a vegetable capsule containing 20 billion live ''GG'' bacteria and inulin, a vegetable fibre which acts as the food for the live bacteria. It does not contain yeast, sodium, preservatives, artificial food coloring, artificial flavoring, sweeteners or sugar. Its contents are all NATURAL.

LACTOGG® is pronounced as “lac-toh-gee-gee".

~~Why is LactoGG the PREMIER Probiotic?~~

LactoGG’s probiotic strain is the world's most researched and scientifically proven probiotic.

It is set apart from all other probiotic strains by the fact that it is the only probiotic strain backed up by over 700 scientific papers, more than 200 clinical trials and doctorate theses conducted in leading hospitals and universities throughout the world.

LactoGG’s probiotic strain is so well-researched, it is considered by doctors and scientists as the “gold standard” of probiotic strains.

It is used by the medical profession as a bio-therapeutic complement to treatment as well as a long term health supplement.

It satisfies all the criteria which determine if a probiotic strain is a true and effective probiotic!



~~Is LactoGG SAFE?~~

Lactobacillus GG has been studied and consumed for over 26 years. It is extensively documented to be safe.

Safety surveillance has also been conducted over 10 years in Finland and Sweden involving a population of over 4 million. The researchers concluded that consumption of this strain of probiotic did not increase the risk of the bacteria invading the body and provided strong evidence of the safety of this probiotic strain.

~~Who can take it?~~

It has been evaluated in human subjects ranging from extremely small babies born as early as 4 and a half months premature and weighing as little as 0.55kg, newborn infants, young children, pregnant women, breast feeding mothers to elderly individuals over 95 years of age.

LactoGG is extensively purified to remove cow mil protein. It is suitable for use in individuals with cow milk allergy.

Since it is a naturally occurring human good germ there is NO 'OVERDOSING' on LactoGG. If you consumer many capsules of LactoGG all at once, the 'extra' LactoGG will be safely passed out in your stools.

~~ Can LactoGG be consumed long-term? ~~

Taking LactoGG long term does not mean that this special strain of probiotic will 'push out' all the other good bacteria from your gastrointestinal tract. In fact, lactoGG does the opposite. It stimulates the proliferation of other natural good germs.

Lactobacillus GG stimultes the growth of existing good bacteria so that the whole population of good bacteria increases in the presence of this probiotic!



**Personal Review:** I get to know about Probiotic cos of my younger gal Charlotte who has poor gut health all along. It get worse when she started solids... sign we gave her Yakults, prune juice, yogurts etc but still it never work on her. We tried chinese tui na n medicine but to no avail. It got SOOoo Bad that pd was prescribing her 10ml of Lactulose twice a day and if she still cannot poo poo, we have got to insert Kids Fleet Enema on her once every 2 days to clear her bowels!!

Gosh it was so heart breaking seeing her cry, sweat and trying with all her mights to poo poo for a good long 45 mins and yet nothing! Holding her and resorting to force with hubby n I inserting Kids Fleet Enema on her was definitely heart breaking! I dread it so much that everytime I cry with her! Everyday, she would be crying and telling me she did not eat biscuits and have been a good gal drink lots of water n trying hard to poo poo but in vain.. she ask me why? why jie jie don't have this problem but she has?? I was devastated!

I read, do research extensively on the net ask around and that is when I knew about Probiotic. I tried a few probiotic for her too bought from vitakids, unity pharmacy.. the irony thing is that those probiotic would work on her when i allow her to consume it initially but over time say 2 weeks or more it stopped working! So frustrating!! Then one day, I came across LactoGG! Mind u it is definitely a PREMIUM Probiotic so much MORE EXPENSIVE than those I tried! I hesitate for a moment but I was thinking if that really helps my gal why not I could not bear to see my gal crying and at the stage when I am not only dealing with her bowel problem but also it affects her mentally .. she got so afraid to poo poo that instead of trying she is restraining herself!! I definitely got to do something about it!!

I started LactoGG and true enough it works! But of course I am skeptical what if it does not work 2 weeks later like those others.... so I took on a wait n see attitude! So far for a good 4 months it works on her!! She is now eating biscuits occasionally too Haha!! I am SOOoo HAPPY as my gal is now no longer afraid to poo poo anymore!! Ha Ha she even ask me to throw away all the Kids Fleet Enema in the house!! Just sharing :)

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LactoGG - MADE IN USA ( A Box of 30 Capsules )

LactoGG - MADE IN USA ( A Box of 30 Capsules )

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