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Gino Baby Food Cutter Scissors/Masher



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The GINO Multi Food Cutter is an ingenious scissors is that is designed to cut & mash different kinds of food easily into bite sizes with ease, such as:
noodles & spaghetti

There are 2 great ways of using it, either hold it like a regular scissors to cut food into bits effortlessly in seconds; or hold it like a masher to mash or flatten food.

Food preparation for young children, babies, elderly & even pets is made QUICK & EASY with Gino Baby Food Cutter Scissors/Masher from JAPAN!!

** YEAH!! Your hungry baby will Definitely Appreciate your speed!!
** CUTS all kinds of meat, seafood, pastas, udon, vegetables etc in SECONDS!
** MASHES potatoes, pumpkin, fruits etc for Easy Feeding!
** Comes with a plastic casing - cutter can be easily dismantled for easy washing!:)

~~ No Stainless Steel Blade also means scissors would be free from RUST! ~~

Measurement of Scissors: 133 x 50.5 x 210 mm
Material of Scissors: High Quality ABS Plastic
Maintenance: Rinse with hot water to sterilise
Product of Japan

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Gino Baby Food Cutter Scissors/Masher

Gino Baby Food Cutter Scissors/Masher

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