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Spick Surface Disinfectant Spray + Refill



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Introducing SPICK really clean - A Revolutionary Break-Through Technology in ANTISEPTIC GERMICIDE technology!!


SPICK is the New REVOLUTIONARY Antiseptic formulation for healthcare, hygiene and pet health that professionals use, and is used daily around the world in some of the Most DEMANDING environments possible!

( Available in:
Spick Surface Disinfectant Spray + Refill : SGD11 ( Twin Pack Promotion )
Spick Surface Disinfectant Spray: SGD6
Spick Antiseptic Germicide Concentrate 5000ml: SGD40 )


Kills more than 99.9%* of all harmful viruses and bacteria affecting both humans and animals including HFMD, AVIAN FLU, MRSA, CANINE PARVOVIRUS, E.COLI and many more...

SPICK is safe for use with children, dogs, cats, hamster, guinea pigs... pretty much everything. Except fish!

SPICK comes in concentrated form, so just a little love keeps u healthy n vibrant.

Bottle form:
Dilute with one park Spick to 25 parts water. Wipe area with solution, and leave for 5 min.

Spray area desired, leave for 5 min, then wipe clean.

MIGHTY - Exterminates resistant strains of viruses, germs and fungi
THOROUGH - Penetrates through grime and organic waste to kill germs effectively
HYPOALLERGENIC - Suitable even for sensitive skin!
ODOURLESS - No fumes, No irritation
NON-TOXIC - No harmful phenols, alcohols or aldehydes
PET SAFE - Harmless to pets

NOW USE SPICK TO SPREAD LOVE NOT GERMS TODAY!! U BE AMAZED HOW EFFECTIVE IT IS!! Used widely in many childcare centres, hospitals n clinics!!

**Personal Review**: Got to know about this wonderful Breakthrough Antiseptic formulation when I brought my gals to the PD in Kids Clinic @ Bishan! Was amazed by its declaration that it kills >99.9% HFMD, Flu Virus, Fungi as stated big n bold in all its products!!

Few products in the market dare to confirm this fact black n white to be frank!
Got one to try it out at home especially now that virus, germs seems to be everywhere and as mummy we have so many things to worry about: Dengue Fever, Haze, HFMD, Flu virus, Rotavirus etc....

I love the fact that although is powerful it does not have those strong smell that u use to smell in those hospital visits u had that make u wanna puke! Is easy to use to and u need not wipe it off with clean water thereafter definitely convenient for busy mummies like all of us!

Definitely ASSURED by the fact that SPICK is MADE IN SINGAPORE and have been tested by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore, PSB Singapore, SIRIM of Malaysia and the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences of China.

SPICK is manufactured by Vetpharm Laboratories (S) Pte Ltd in Singapore.

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Spick Surface Disinfectant Spray + Refill

Spick Surface Disinfectant Spray + Refill

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